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About Us


Who We Are?

Dopeness Magazine began as a joint concept between two young men in late 2011 to early 2012, both age 20 at the time, Bagio White and Christopher Rogers; both Founders of the "Dopeness" name. Dopeness was established in February 2012 by both founders intended to provide their audience, both male and female, with the latest & 'Most Entertaining' News the urban community has to offer. The Name "Dopeness" was derived by the adjective slang word "Dope" in meaning: Great, amazing or extraordinary. The idea was to create a magazine that combined Urban lifestyle and interests in a modern sense presented in a vibrant modern style of print media design.

What Do We Do?

Only The Dope Survive

Dopeness Connect Network (DCN) is a ideal online destination for the most influential 18++ Trending Audience. This astute selective audience is motivated by style, fashion, music, games, and etc directed for both male and female. Dopeness Connect Network reaches these unique very influential crowds with our connected networking.

Dopeness Magazine is the direct branding mother of Dopeness Connect the online embodiment of the trending Magazine.

Other Dopeness Connect Network sites are carefully selected and directed to maintain the balance of the content and editorial integrity of Dopeness Magazine thus allowing us to create a trending relevance and conversation with our selected audience – 18++ Trending Audience.


Publishers are the selected sites used to maintained and build content relevancy with Dopeness Magazine Online Media. Our Publishers will have connective content stream from their site to the Dopeness Connect Network and Advertising shown from our DCN advertisers on site per DCN agreement.


Being an Advertiser on the Dopeness Network not only gives our advertisers business, website or product more recognition but increases its relevancy. Our Advertisers has a chance to opt-in to have our talented Graphic Artist match and design their overall advertising look with elegance, creativity and innovation. The Adverts are displayed through DCN, with the added bonus of said site featured on our Dopeness Connect Bar that is available on most of our partnered publishers with Connected Networking.

Dopeness Connect Bar

The Dopeness Connect Bar is the selected Tool used to market out DCN’s assets (content, adverts, publishers, and Brand) in what we call “Connected Networking”. Connected Networking is system tree that we use to share or distribute content relevancy through our system in one connection tree. For Example the Audience is connected to our website with is connected to the content, magazine, adverts, and brands; while the content is connected to the publishers and adverts; as the adverts are connected to the advertisers and brands and etc. Ok imagine all those connections in one tree, well simple we innovated that into the Dopeness Connect Bar which encompasses the content, the brands, the publishes, the advertisers and the magazine into one tree.